What Is The Brand Image And Sources Of Equity For The Nivea Brand

What is the brand and sources of equity for the Nivea brand? B. Does the brand image and source of equity vary across product classes? C. How would you. NIVEA’s brand image comes from providing quality skin care, personal care, and face care/cosmetic items. Their source of brand equity comes from NIVEA Crème, which is their best selling product. The brand image and source of equity does vary across product class.


Beiersdorf, the company behind Nivea, maintained a fairly concentrated portfolio of brands. Yet, the huge success of Nivea, made the company extend the brand. NIVEA story Introduced Crème in Europe In US Cash cow brandsBrand ArchitectureBrand Portfolio.


The case describes the brand management strategies of the German branded that brand dilution did not hamper the umbrella branding initiatives for Nivea. The case examines in detail Beiersdorf's 'twin-strategy' of brand extension and that brand dilution did not hamper the umbrella branding initiatives for Nivea.


When NIVEA Creme was launched in it revolutionized skin care as the first stable oil-and-water-based cream in the world. When Beiersdorf introduced its pioneering NIVEA Milk, the first “liquid cream” in , it opened up a brand-new dimension of skin care. Today, there is a. Press photos. Here you will find a broad selection of high-resolution images of the company, its brands, and its employees. Go to press photos.


on their promises. This trend is putting enormous pressure on manufacturers to innovate and all major brand players must maintain a frenetic pace of new. NIVEA crème was first introduced in and the NIVEA brand now .. identity and value proposition which will allow their product to stand out.


This is the Marketing mix of Nivea. Nivea deals in personal care products and is associated with FMCG sector. This German origin brand was. Marketing Mix of Nivea analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). Nivea marketing mix explains the business.