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USAID's Avansa Agrikultura Project is accelerating sustainable economic growth in the agriculture sector. in three years, farm income has increased by The revitalization of project design at USAID recognizes that development is highly complex, requiring that the design process itself be responsive to.


ARGENTINA. Subregion. Income group. South America. High income. PEOPLE. Population (millions)1. (). (). Urban2. 92%. (). 93%. USAID/Southern Africa MD, John Groarke and Argentine Ambassador, Javier Figueroa signing the Memorandum of Understanding. In the signing ceremony at the official residence of the Argentine Ambassador, USAID Mission Director Groarke welcomed the new partnership. “This agreement.


Strengthening Tenure and Resource Rights (STARR) II IDIQ · RIO - Ser+Maestro Fact Sheet · Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Office Fact Sheet. USAID has several independent offices that carry out discrete functions for the agency.


Today, Africans are the architects of their development, not just beneficiaries. Our joint efforts reap dividends for both African countries and the United States. Our work to prevent conflict and violent extremism reduces political instability that can threaten U.S. national. West Africa’s tremendous resources—human, agricultural, and mineral—are dogged by political instability, poor governance, environmental degradation, disease, extreme poverty, and lack of private investment opportunities. To combat these challenges, USAID’s West Africa Regional.


Thailand graduated from USAID assistance in and in , USAID opened a regional mission in Bangkok that serves the Asia-Pacific. Building a more democratic Indo-Pacific region, the United States partners with Thailand to strengthen democratic governance, boost economic growth, improve health, and bolster regional efforts to protect human rights. USAID’s activities in Thailand aim to overcome transnational.


USAID fills all vacant Merit Promotion and Competitive positions through the automated application system at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's ( OPM). USAID programs save and improve millions of lives around the world, advance American values, increase global stability, and drive economic growth in.