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To find a master thesis or dissertation in the faculty library of veterinary medicine, go to the Ghent University catalog As search word, use the. Master Dissertation Contract (specific agreement for master thesis projects in Supervisor, non-UGent employee · Member of the jury, non-UGent employee.


journalArticle · A1 · Untold New Boundary Between Yi and Xia: A Study on Wei Yuan's Three Arteries Theory and Haiguo Tuzhi · Man Li (UGent). Yanlu Li. This person is working in this group since [email protected] PhD Thesis: Yanlu Li, Miniaturisatie van een laser-dopplervibrometer door middel.


Fill out and sign the form for submitting a PhD dissertation Send this form and your cv in pdf to [email protected] (Faculty Student Administration). After having submitted your doctoral dissertation, the faculty will decide if you can Registrar's Office (Oasis Fica) sends an e-mail to your UGent e-mail address.


Contact [email protected] if you want to request them. example: relay envelope DOWNLOAD. Download basis letterhead in font UGent Panno Text (NL). Download the PowerPoint (Windows) and Keynote (Apple) presentation slides here below. You can find them in one zip file with the Dutch and English.


The Communication Office of Ghent University is responsible for the corporate and scientific press relations. At the moment all the online press information. Get our press releases by mail · Get your news published at the centre of the Ghent Botanical Garden, right around the corner from MSK Gent and S.M.A.K.


Your dissertation should be a stand alone publication in book form. Install the font UGent Panno Text (only for your cover); Design your cover with this. A fixed format: a width of 16 cm, height 24 cm;; Style of the cover (zip): Inclusion of the UGent logo on the front of the dissertation;; Mention of the author and.