The Misconceptions About The Art Of Bowfishing

The Art Of Bowfishing Not many people know about a sport called bowfishing. When people think of bowfishing, they think that you must lose a lot of arrows. People who bowfish use archery equipment to catch fish. seem hazardous, Petschl said that it's a misconception that the sport is dangerous.


Orders of Law Enforcement Officers. Hennepin County Sheriff's Water Patrol and the law enforcement officers of any city bordering the Lake (listed herein) are. Conflicting rules in the 14 cities that border Lake Minnetonka can make it difficult to know where bowfishing is legal.


This report summarizes results from the South Dakota GFP's resident hook/line angler opinion survey regarding spearing and bowfishing in SD. RAPID CITY, S.D. — Two South Dakota men have bagged what the Bowfishing Association of America is calling a new world-record channel.