Sony Playstation Vs Nintendo 64

PlayStation vs. Nintendo 64 Was the Last Console War That Mattered with Sony's original PlayStation when they both launched in late Sony PlayStation vs Nintendo Gaming's Greatest Rivalries Sega brought some competition to Sony with the moderately successful Saturn.

PS2 VS N64

N64 Has Rare Games like Goldeneye but PS2 has all 3D Era GTA games and or PS2 (that is until SEGA discontinued DC) But N64 vs PS2?. vs; x faster CPU speed 1 x GHzvs1 x GHz; MB more RAM memory MBvsGB; 38mm thinner mmvsmm; Is region.


The Nintendo 64 is a home video game console developed and marketed by Nintendo. Named for its bit central processing unit, it was released in June in . The Nintendo 64's release date was later delayed again, to June 23, Nintendo said the reason for this latest delay, and in particular the cancellation of. This is a comprehensive chronology of Nintendo 64 games. Games from any region are included. The initial listing order is based on the game's initial release anywhere in the world, but can be reordered by region. Bolded dates indicate the earliest release date.


A really great game. When people talk about the first good superhero game its ussually arkam asylum a shame not to many people know about this great. Does any port of Spider-Man have considerable disadvantages over others ? I understand loading times might be quicker on N64 or PC.


Talk it out Tuesday - Console Wars: N64 vs PS1. Welcome to /r/nintendo's weekly debate thread, Talk it out Tuesday. Each week we're going to be putting some. Wikipedia says the N64 sold million units worldwide with million of them sold in America. It also says the PS1 sold million units but doesn't.


Saturn was all about arcade ports and JRPG/action games whereas the N64 was all about platformers and "cutesy" action . Are we really forgetting Sega rally?. It had the most high profile third party games between the three consoles, and I would just like to talk about the Sega Saturn and Nintendo