Janjucetus Hunderi Essay

Janjucetus is an extinct genus of cetacean, and a basal baleen whale (Mysticeti), from the Late Oligocene around 25 million years ago (mya) off southeast Australia, containing one species J. hunderi. Janjucetus – an early baleen whale Illustration of Janjucetus hunderi. Janjucetus was a small whale that lived around 25 million years ago off the Victorian.


Squalodon is an extinct genus of whales endemic to Oligocene to Miocene, belonging to the family Squalodontidae. Named by Jean-Pierre Sylvestre de. Lo squalodonte (gen. Squalodon) è un cetaceo estinto, appartenente agli squalodontidi. Visse tra l'Oligocene inferiore e il Miocene medio ( milioni di anni.


Aetiocetus is a genus of extinct basal mysticete, or baleen whale that lived to million Thus, Aetiocetus represents the transition from teeth to baleen in Oligocene mysticetes. Baleen is a highly derived The presence of baleen is inferred from the fossil record in the skull of Aetiocetus. Aetiocetus is known from . There are numerous examples of transitional forms in the fossil record, providing an Note that the nostril placement in Aetiocetus is intermediate between the.


Mammalodon is an extinct genus of archaic baleen whale belonging to the family Mammalodontidae. Contents. 1 Taxonomy; 2 Description; 3 Palaeobiology. - On the discovery of a fossil whale in the older Tertiaries of Torquay, Victoria. - A review of the Tertiary fossil Cetacea (Mammalia) localities in Australia. - The morphology and systematics of Mammalodon colliveri (Cetacea: Mysticeti), a toothed mysticete from the Oligocene of.


Aetiocetus is a genus of extinct basal mysticete, or baleen whale that lived to million .. However, an argument exists that Aetiocetus was in fact a bulk feeder, who fed by gulping and straining prey from the water through their. Quickly find dinosaur facts. Site is littered Aetiocetus is sometimes described as having both teeth and baleens. It actually Aetiocetus cotylalveus. Authority.


Humpbacks are baleen whales like the new fossil species found in New Zealand. Prehistoric Toothless Whale Among Oldest of Its Kind. The blue whale is not only the largest animal alive today, it is the largest one that has ever lived. Now, analysis of a fossil found on the shore of.