How To Write Araso In Hangul To English

Yahoo AnswersSorry, I know alot of Korean but I' How to spell araso in Working letter in Hangul just that like English there are some pronunciation rules and. Question. Missing thumb [email protected] Oksi. 8 May English (US) French ( France) Russian. German Korean. Closed question. Question about Korean.


Russian word хорошо basically means good, but people use it the similar way as “All right”. What is the Korean equivalent of the Japanese word "yatta"? What does the Russian word "Глубокая дружба" mean in English?. Translation for: 'araso' in Japanese->English dictionary. Search nearly 14 million words and phrases in more than language pairs.


Jun 26, There are numerous uses for the phrase, and the translation to English is not always character by character it is O dduk hae, but practically pronounced ottoke. Sep 27, In Korean it means "What to do?" or "How?". It is used when there is a problem at hand. Person 2: Ottoke? Do you remember when you last.


If you go to a sports match in Korea, often the supporters of the losing team will chant 괜찮다 can be used to say that something is 'good', 'alright', or 'fine'. Translation for 'alright' in the free English-Korean dictionary and many other Korean translations.


알았어 = I got it 알았지 = did you get it?|also we usually use both the same mean. 알았어? 알았지?. you mean "알앗어" and "알앗지"? 알앗어 is means "Ok" 알앗지? is means "Do you understand?".


Learn how to say "Yes, I understand!" in Korean:) Welcome to Survival Phrases English & Korean!! We'll be uploading 3 phrases. How do you say "understood" or "i got it" in Korean? simplest would be: 1) ne 네 (yes) 2) arasso 알았어 (i get it, i understand) make sure your voice doesn't.