Discuss The Proposition That Local Authorities

Discuss the proposition that local authorities are better placed to respond to crises and disasters than central government Essay Example. Show related essays. California voters on Tuesday rejected a controversial ballot measure known as Proposition 10 that would have expanded local government authority to enact rent-control laws on residential property, according to an NBC News projection. The real estate industry, including major.


Proposition 10 has failed at the ballot box, leaving the state's limits on rent control intact. Supporters conceded Tuesday night, when, with. What the Measure Would Do California Proposition 10 would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act,1 a state law that restricts local rent control.


Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. A YES vote on this measure means: State law would not limit the kinds of rent control laws cities and counties could have. A state law, known as the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act (Costa-Hawkins. But over the weekend, a bunch of people asked me to offer my view of Proposition 10, which broadly speaking would allow California's more.