A Hybrid Manager

Introduction A Hybrid manager can defined as a person who possesses strong technical skills and adequate business knowledge or vice versa. This paper is aimed at identifying the role and importance of hybrid managers in the present economic conditions of the 21st century. It tries to explain how the.


Managerial Gap Analysis There are ten roles are included in managerial gap analyses and are the fundamental of managerial work. it is significant to perceive . Upon completing the Managerial Roles Gap Analysis which identified the different roles that managers engage in within the organization, I learned that managers were very pivotal to the organization viz a viz their dynamic roles in the ever increasing demands and changes of the.


A step by step analysis of definition of hybrid managers, its characteristics, their advantages, disadvantages has been made. As, the term management is a wider . Management Insight on The Hybrid Manager. of IS to business needs; Strategic Benefits of IT not understood by business managers; Need to improve IS-line.