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The Haitian coup d'état occurred after conflicts lasting for several weeks in Haiti during February It resulted in the removal from office of President. Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said Monday he was forced to leave Haiti in a Monday, March 1, Posted: PM EST ( GMT).


Henri Namphy: Coup leader and former president who said, 'Haiti has only one voter – the army' Phil Davison; Thursday 12 July A chronology of key events in the history of Haiti, from to the present. - Leslie Manigat becomes president, but is ousted in a coup led by . February - International aid agencies face scrutiny after revelations.


The Haitian coup d'état occurred after conflicts lasting for several weeks in Haiti during .. Retrieved 6 April ^ Marx, Gary (12 February ). "Haitian `Cannibal Army' leader orchestrates chaos to force Aristide's ouster". Highbeam. Archived from. Lieutenant-general Henri Namphy, twice president and military ruler, of Haiti, was involved in three coups d'état, two of which he led. The third, by his own as the new president. Phil Davison; Thursday 12 July


After René Préval, a former ally of Aristide, was elected president of Haiti in , he said it would be possible for Aristide to. Michael Norton, who spent two decades in Haiti as a reporter for the Associated Press, discusses the circumstances around Aristide's victory in He was.


The Haitian protests are demonstrations in cities throughout Haiti that began on 7 February , demanding the resignation of the president of Haiti. To describe the Haitian protests as merely “anti-corruption” is to willfully ignore the 18, , when businesses and government offices slowly.


Operation Uphold Democracy was a military intervention designed to remove the military regime installed by the Haitian coup d'état that overthrew the elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The operation was effectively authorized by the 31 July United Nations On September 16, , as these forces prepared to invade, with the lead. The First Coming, the U.S.-led invasion in adorned with 20, American troops, did not turn out so well. By , when the American.